• The Best has to be always chosen for the health of Women
    Use of the most advanced Technics of Minimal Invasive Surgery
    Specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics
    Specialist in Female Aesthetic Surgery
  • During the treatment we are just beside you in each step
    Menopause Period Consultation
    Pregnancy and child delivery consultation and planning
    comfortable to discuss gynecological and sexual conditions
  • Gynecological Conditions cannot stop women social progress
    Gynecological Surgeries through laparoscopic and hysteroscopy techniques
    The joy of pregnancy and motherhood with modern infertility treatment methods
    C-Section and normal delivery, painlessly
  • Exclusively for Women, Aesthetic Surgery
    Breast Augmentation and abdominoplasty
    Repair Surgeries after childbirth
    Regain the self-esteem in sexual relationship

Healthy Women, Successful Families, Joy of Life

Dr Iromloo is a specialist in the field of Gynecology Surgery and Aesthetic Surgery. The fields provide the two main factors for advancement of Women, Self-esteem and health. Dr Iromloo’s practice includes wide-range of consultation and surgical services.

Recent Services

Dr Iromloo specialized in Gynecology and obstetrics Surgery along with Specialty in Plastic Surgery, performs broad range of Surgeries for Women conditions. In addition to surgery services, she provide consultation services for child delivery, C-section, and infertility. Dr Iromloo employs the most advanced minimal Invasive Surgery, such as laparoscopic and Hysteroscopy Diagnosis and procedures which impose minimal injury and side-effects.

Latest Posts

Dr Iromloo invites you to review the blog section which includes the most recent advances in Gynecology and Aesthetic Surgery plus the notes on the clinical issues, cases, and personal experiences.